Friday, July 13, 2012

Fresh Start

Our landlord has yet to come by and fix our a/c, but luckily a friend happened to have two window air conditioning box jimmies, and viola! Fresh, cool air now fills my room. No more itchy and sweaty nights, praise the lord.

I do still want my home a/c fixed, it's touch screen and makes my mornings happier. Speaking of which I have to wake up my lover and go do laundry. These photos concluded the last night I have with this T1i before I upgrade to the T2i. Or hopefully the 5D, if I shop smart. Cross your fingers for me. I will miss this camera though. It's been with me for 3 years, and now it's going off to Nigeria. Farewell, friend. I hope you capture great things over there.

I think the female body as the most gracious existence on earth. So, I photograph it often. I would like to use models instead of myself. I'm better behind the camera. :'(

I had only just a couple portraits in this batch I thought were post worthy, which sucks cause when my camera sold, it completely caught me off guard! It sold so fast, it wasn't even listed on ebay for a whole 24 hours. So, this is what I came up with for my last night with it. My lover and I were supposed to get up super early and take some last minute good bye/good morning pictures before I send this bad boy away, but we stayed up all night watching Game of Thrones after our little shoot. Even though he's seen me handle my T1i for 3 years, my lover isn't very experienced with my camera. But, I'm glad he helped me out for these last pics, since he always complains the process of picture taking is too long and he's highly impatient. I love him, though, and hopefully I could get him to love photography by the end of this season as much as I adore it. Who knows. We'll see. *snort, spit* Enjoy.

The lens was smudgy on this one and it bothers me a lot. D:< I love everything else about it though. Oh, well.